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WISPR Features:

  • Completely Portable
  • No Wires, Cords or Flame
  • Simple to Operate
  • Small & Lightweight
  • Variety of Colors
  • Quick Heat-Up Time


  • 1 Carry Case
  • 1 Maintenance Tool
  • 1 Instruction Manual
  • 2 Pipe Cleaners
  • 1 Filling Chamber
  • 1 Mouthpiece
  • 1 Fine Mesh Screen
  • 2 Mouthpiece Tips

Iolite WISPR Vaporizers come in a variety of colors.

Hottie with an Iolite

A great thing about Iolite WISPR Vaporizers is how they have two versions. Many folks might be a little put off by this, but in realistic terms this means nearly anyone even with a stricter budget can afford one.  The WISPR Version 2 is an updated version which is very similar to the original version but features some slight improvements in the build and heating components. Comparing both of them require some deep analysis as you might not notice any differences until you get really critical with them.  At a substantially lower price than the version 2, the original version is good enough for those not wanting to spend the larger amount for the newer one...

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WISPR Vaporizer vs DaVinci Vaporizer

Iolite Wispr in the Box

Comparing vaporizers can always be a challenge as many styles offer different features and both have their own advantages and disadvantages. When one does compare vaporizers it’s key to compare them according to similar characteristics that they both share.  This will provide the reader with a fair, and as reasonable as possible comparison between the products. When it comes to vaporizers a good place to start is comparing what exact type they are. A portable, desktop or standard type is usually what makes up the bulk of the different kinds. For portable units two pretty similar but distinctively different are the DaVinci and the Iolite WISPR.  Both of the units are highly popular for users looking for a portable vaporization experience.

From the surface both the DaVinci Vaporizer and ...

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Iolite WISPR Vaporizer For The Outdoors

Five Different Colors

The Iolite WISPR Vaporizer is one of the leading portable vaporizers in the market. Being a portable unit, the WISPR is small and lightweight, easily transportable, and uses a convenient method as a power source. This convenient method is butane, which is unique for vaporizers as many of them are battery powered. As the WISPR uses Butane, this also makes it one of the most powerful and effective vaporizers you can use. What’s great about butane compared to battery powered units is the consistency of heating. Battery powered devices are infamous for sometimes being temperamental in operation.

A memorable experience I have with the Iolite WISPR was during a camping trip. During this trip I didn’t bring any kind of power adapter for plugging in a device or sort of batteries...

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Iolite WISPR Vaporizer Top 3 Features

Vaping the Iolite

The Iolite WISPR is a premium high end butane powered portable vaporizer. This in itself is a unique trait of the Iolite WISPR, as most vapes are battery powered. Batteries are pretty convenient because all that is required is for you to recharge them when they are out. A good idea with those types of unit is to let it charge when you go to sleep at night. Where battery operated devices fall short especially when it comes to vaporizers is how inconsistent they can be. What I mean by consistency is how well reliable heating is for the vaporizer. Batteries can cause units to be problematic even if they consistent. The Iolite WISPR being butane powered is definitely an attractive feature. The top 3 other features for the WISPR are:

  1. Styling– The design of the Iolite WISPR Vaporizer makes it...
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Iolite WISPR Vaporizer Review

iolite wispr portable vaporizer

The WISPR is the most recently released vaporizer by a manufacturer called Iolite. Much similar to the original Iolite Vaporizer and the Iolite 2.0, the WISPR maintains Iolite’s reputation for using butane as their heat source, rather than the more common Lithium Ion Batteries.

The WISPR is definitely convenient on-the-go, ensuring you won’t have to worry about recharging it. The downfall of that is that carrying extra butane can be a hassle. On top of that, replacing the butane can get quite pricey after a while. Definitely a good herbal vape to bring with you on a bike ride in Santa Monica or a hike up in the Palisades, where electricity is not conveniently available.

One thing I noticed with the WISPR is that Iolite added a viewing “window,” if you will, so its user can know when the ...

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The Iolite WISPR Pocket Vaporizer – A Great Accessory for a Night Out

Vape and Coffee

Out of all the vaporizers I have tried through the years the Iolite WISPR Pocket Vaporizer has been my favorite vaporizer to use when I go out. Ever since I first got in the mail, I have been so pleased with how well it works and how overall of a product it is. Whenever I’m with my friends they are so jealous that I can carry it around so discreetly and how well it fits as everyday accessory. What makes the WISPR so unique is how it’s designed to resemble any other kind of accessory you would carry with you, either in your pocket or bag. Being a girl I keep it in my bag and I don’t have to worry about it. The pinkish color along with the lightweight build keeps it from never becoming an inconvenience. I have made many memories with the WISPR by my side.

One memorable experience was w...

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Wonderful Color Options with the Iolite WISPR Personal Vaporizer

Cool Iolite Picture

There’s nothing better than buying a product that has a very unique and pleasing aesthetic.  Vaporizers can also be made with importance on design and its looks along with the functional aspects.  This is where the Iolite WISPR Personal Vaporizer shines amongst even the best vapes in the market. Compared to other vaporizers especially portable units, the functionality is pretty similar although the WISPR uses butane instead of batteries like many so other units. The inside could be seen as similar as the others but the outside of the WISPR is something special. You can tell Iolite put a lot of time and detail into the design of the unit. as there is nothing else like it...

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Iolite Butane Vaporizers compared to Battery Powered Units

Herbal Vaporizers

The majority of portable vaporizers available are either battery or butane powered. Both of these types offer their own advantages and disadvantages. The type of heating source which is optimal for the user is dependent on various personal preferences. Depending on how you want to actually use your vaporizer and what you’re comfortable with, you might indeed prefer one over the other with butane type vaporizers like Iolite WISPR Vaporizers, herbs can burn much quicker and thoroughly then butane powered. Butane is stored as a gas in a container and is very readily available for users, being able to purchase in most places. With battery powered vaporizers, they require charging and replacements although offer fairly reliable heating...

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The WISPR Portable Vaporizer is the Complete Package

Orange Iolite Wispr Vaporizer

What separates the WISPR Portable Vaporizer from any other vapes that I have tried or even glanced at is its aesthetics. Till this day, I have not found any vaporizer with the same design qualities or uniqueness as the WISPR. The majority of folks just want something reliable and functional, while for certain people they want something they truly love. In order to make that happens the manufacture needs to make sure some uniqueness was developed into their product. For a vaporizer, the WISPR has pays close attention to detail yet ensures a great vaporization experience. Why stick with old boring vapes that while might work OK, look like something your 12 year old brother could make in the basement? Like any other product I buy, I make sure that there’s a little extra put into product.


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Why the Wispr is the Best Handheld Vaporizer

iolite wispr vaporizers

There a few different reasons that I have come to the conclusion that the Iolite WiSPR is the best handheld vaporizer on the market today.  The first reason I think it is the best is simple, its looks.  I love the way it looks, and whats even better is that it comes in so many different colors.  The currently available colors are Espresso, Grape, Oyster, Pistachio, Pumpkin and Black.  I own the Grape colored Iolite and my brother bought a Pumpkin colored WiSPR last week and loves it.

I also purchased the 2 year extended warranty at Vapor Nation which cost an extra $112.99, money well spent in my opinion.  I would also recommend grabbing some extra Iolite brand mesh screens just to be safe, you never know when you might need a spare...

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