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WISPR Features:

  • Completely Portable
  • No Wires, Cords or Flame
  • Simple to Operate
  • Small & Lightweight
  • Variety of Colors
  • Quick Heat-Up Time


  • 1 Carry Case
  • 1 Maintenance Tool
  • 1 Instruction Manual
  • 2 Pipe Cleaners
  • 1 Filling Chamber
  • 1 Mouthpiece
  • 1 Fine Mesh Screen
  • 2 Mouthpiece Tips

The Best 420 Events in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Palm Trees City

LA is a great place to be during 420. The sunny weather, the beaches and palm trees as scenery make Los Angeles a real pleasant place to sit back and vape your weed.

April 20 CULTURE Magazine 420 Party

The event will take place at Malone’s Bar & Grill in the city of Santa Ana. Plenty of music and fun performances. Cost: Cover prices start at $10 per person. For more info visit:

420 Freedom Fest by 420Nurses

The event will feature a performance by Pimp My Ride’s former host, Xzibit. The event starts at the 2pm. The event is being hosted near Dodger Stadium. For more information please visit: Cost: Tickets range from $25-100.

Dosher “The Last 4:20” glassware show

This is a super cool event being hosted at an gallery...

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Iolite WISPRs on Sale at Big Vaporizer Store

Iolite Wispr Grape Close Up

Hey everybody, I got a notification in my inbox today about a new sale that’s happening at one of my favorite places to buy vaporizers online. It’s pretty awesome because I’ve never seen the WISPR Vaporizer offered for sale at this low of a price. How can you beat the sale price of $99 for one of the best portable vaporizers ever produced?

You can’t. Period.

Unless you’re buying from a shady ass Ebay seller or knock off website, the iolite WISPRs on sale usually runs for $169.99 on the best websites for herbal vaporizers...

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Iolite Classic Vaporizer Review

Iolite Vaporizer v.2

Iolite Vaporizer v.2

While the WISPR is our primary focus, today I want to do a little throwback to one of the progenitors of the portable vaporizer movement: the Iolite Vaporizer version 2. Old school vape enthusiasts still swear by this vaporizer. It has a place in the pantheon due to the discreet “walkie talkie” appearance and ease of use with butane. There’s no need to wait for a battery to charge. The Iolite has a very clear window for you to see your fuel level. If you keep your Iolite filled with butane, all you have to do is bust a quick grind of your buds, sprinkle them into the Iolite loading chamber and you’re good to go. The internal temperature regulator is reportedly the same technology used in the legendary Volcano, the iconic weed vaporizer from Germany...

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How does the WISPR continue to impress?

The Iolite WISPR Portable Vaporizer
The Iolite WISPR Portable Vaporizer

The Iolite WISPR Portable Vaporizer

The Iolite WISPR has been a mainstay in the vaporizer community for years now.  Even though new portable vaporizers are released almost everyday now the people keep coming back to the Iolite WISPR.  Why are people coming back the Iolite WISPR time after time?  Well the answer is simple, it is the most reliable handheld portable vaporizer for weed that has been made.  Most portable vaporizers like the Pax are going to run out of batteries and die on you in just a matter of hours.  What makes things worse is that if you do not have a charging station near by there will be no way for you vaporize.  The Iolite WISPR on the other hand is powered by butane and requires no electricity whatsoever.  The Pax or the Firefly vaporizer might not even make it through the end of the day, the Iolite WISPR is going to last you all week.

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Convection is at the Heart of the WISPR 2

wispr vaporizers group colors

The Iolite WISPR is one of those classic portable vapes for dry herbs that came out during the post-Volcano explosion of engineers attempting to create memorable and effective devices based on convection vaporization technology. The need for convection is important because any other heating method runs the risk of burning the plants due to combustion. When combustion occurs, there are a slew of additional chemicals and compounds created that are not part of a natural high.

If you use the Iolite WISPR you can definitely tell the difference between a combustion buzz and a convection buzz. With the WISPR your high is clearer, more long-lasting and not irritating to your mouth and lungs...

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What are the most popular portable vapes of 2014?

Portable Vapes for Weed

Portable Vapes for Weed

The question that has everyone up in arms this summer is “What are the most popular portable vaporizers of 2014?“, well today we will try and answer that question by talking about a few of our favorites.  People need to remember that not all vaporizers are designed to function the same way.  Some vaporizers like the Magic Flight Launch Box are built to be stealthy, light and portable.  Other vaporizers like Arizer Solo were made to have an extended battery life and be very efficient at vaporizing your herbs.  Then their are vaporizer like the Pax that are designed to be more of a fashion statement than a vaporizer...

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Why you need this vaporizer in your arsenal

Tropical Storm Vaping

There are a lots of different reasons to own a Iolite Wispr, too many to list all in one post but today we will try and hit on some of the major reasons why you need to get one, soon.

The defining feature that sets this vaporizer apart from the field is that the Wispr is powered by butane.  This opens up a world of advantages that other electronic vaporizers just cant keep up with.  Lets say you wanted to go on a camping trip and hike out into the wilderness for a few days, sounds like fun right?  Well after just a few hours of vaping with that Arizer Solo you packed the battery is going to die, now you can’t vape anymore.  How much fun is that?  With the Iolite Wispr recharging your battery is never going to be an issue...

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4 of My Favorite Strains of Marijuana to Vape

Master Kush Pre Vaping

What are your favorite strains?  Feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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Color Options for the Iolite Wispr

Iolite Vaporizers Reviewed

iolite wispr vaporizers

With the Iolite WISPR Vaporizer not only are you getting an outstanding herbal vaporizing experience to relieve your medical ailments, you’re getting a top quality personal device that people are bound to ask about. This is not the kind of vape that you keep to yourself. This “juice box” style vaporizer for marijuana enthusiasts is meant to catch the eye and attract discussion. The folks at Oglesby & Butler put together a great product in the WISPR that heats up virtually instantaneously since it’s powered by butane, rather than a battery that needs to be recharged. All you have to do to prepare for a weekend on the town is to fill up your vaporizer with butane and have plenty of freshly ground weed on hand for your portable vaporizer.

I love the WISPR for its simplicity and undeniable ef...

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Earl Thomas Vaporizes His Old Contract

Earl Thomas

Earl Thomas III Vaporizes His Old Contract
We all knew that he had a big payday coming but no one knew for sure just how big it would be. The Seattle Seahawks Earl Thomas agreed today to a four-year $40 million contract extension. The Seahawks have now made Thomas the highest paid safety in NFL history. Thomas who is largely considered to be the backbone of Seattle’s notorious defense could not be happier with the deal. The deal also includes nearly $28 million in guarantees said the person who spoke in condition of anonymity.

Football fans everywhere had been eyeing Seattle as a top contender coming into the season but question marks like Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman still needed to be addressed...

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