Iolite WISPR Vaporizer

Discussion and Objective Reviews of the Iolite Wispr Portable Vape

I’m Buying The Iolite Wispr Vaporizer As a Gift

The WISPR vaporizer is one of the most stylish and discreet, portable vaporizers in the market. One thing that I particularly enjoy about this vaporizer is that it actually doesn’t look like a vaporizer. In fact, I think it looks and feels more like an iPod or some sort of entertainment electronic device than a vaporizer. […]

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Convection is at the Heart of the WISPR 2

  The Iolite WISPR is one of those classic portable vapes for dry herbs that came out during the post-Volcano explosion of engineers attempting to create memorable and effective devices based on convection vaporization technology. The need for convection is important because any other heating method runs the risk of burning the plants due to […]